A Landlord's Guide to the Eviction Process

A Landlord's Guide to the Eviction Process

It may come as a shock, but research shows that 2.7 million households receive eviction notices every single year. That means that there are a lot of landlords you are dealing with evictions.

However, as a new landlord, you may not know how the process works. If that's the case, this guide is for you.

We will walk you through why you can evict a tenant and what the process will look like. Keep reading to gain knowledge about how to evict tenants.

Reasons You Can Evict a Tenant

As a landlord, they are going to be things that happen that are quite frustrating. This may make you want to evict tenants. However, there are certain things that you are not allowed to evict a tenant for.

But why can you evict a tenant? Here are a few reasons that a landlord can evict a tenant on their property:

The Process

While these are reasons that you can evict a tenant, there is still a process that you have to go for. You first need to provide a quick notice. This gives them a certain amount of days to resolve the issue and move out.

Are three types of notices: pay rent or quit notice, cure or quit notice, or unconditional quit notice. You have to choose which one to send to the tenant.

If you go through this process, it can go one of two ways. Either the tenants will listen and move out in a timely manner, or you'll have to file for eviction at the local court if the issue was not resolved. If you take this course of action, the tenant will continue living on the property without paying rent before court.

Once the court date arrives, you'll have to gather your documentation to prove everything that has gone wrong with the tenant. Assuming that the court rules in your favor, you will regain the possession of the property. Before it is yours, a sheriff will typically give notice to the tenants for how long they have to move out legally.

If the tenants do not move out in time, the sheriff is legally allowed to remove them.

Once they are gone, you are able to clear out the property to start fresh. You are even able to remove any belongings that they did not take with them.

Evictions in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are a landlord and are trying to evict tenants, you now know the process to do so. By following this addiction process guide, you will make the process much easier for yourself as well as for your tenants.

If you need help with evictions in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you can reach out to us. You can also check out our website for more resources and support during the process.

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