How to Obtain Lead Paint Certification

How to Obtain Lead Paint Certification

Did you know an estimated 29 million American housing units contain lead paint? 

Lead-based paint is a health hazard for adults and young children, causing illness and complications with mental development.

According to new EPA guidelines, all property management companies managing homes built before 1978 must receive lead paint certification.

Do you own an older rental property in the Chatanooga area? Read on to learn more about Lead-Safe Certification.

Lead-Safe Certification

The EPA administers Lead-Safe Certification through the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program (RRP). Before the new EPA guidelines, only contractors and renovation companies needed this certification.

In late 2021, the EPA expanded the certification requirements to rental property management. They did so to improve compliance with lead paint safety regulations.

Now all property management firms and sole proprietor landlords must receive proper certification. 

Check Your State

The EPA's new Lead-Safe guidelines apply to all states and territories. The exceptions are states, tribes, and territories the EPA allows to operate the program. 

These states and territories include:

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Massachusettes
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota Chippewa Tribe

Do you operate a rental property management company in any of these states or territories? You must receive certification through their program. 

Rental property management/sole landlords must apply for certification directly through the EPA. 

Locate a Training Course Proctor

The EPA provides a list of official Lead-Safe Certification training providers

You may take an RRP Lead-Safe course online or in person. Visit the EPA RRP location site and enter your location and pertinent dates.

The EPA generates a list of local classes. You can then call and register to take a class. 

Gather Application Materials and Apply

You can only apply for certification once you complete a Lead-Safe training course. You need a specific set of materials for application, including:

  • PDF of your training course completion certificate
  • Passport photo (JPG)
  • A form of payment such as debit or credit card
  • PDF copies of education and training requirements

The EPA accepts online Lead-Safe Certification applications. Visit the EPA certification site and register your property management firm or yourself as the sole proprietor of an investment property.

If your firm isn't listed, you must link to "Begin application to certify new firm."

Once you complete your application, including fee payment, the EPA must complete your certification within 90 days. According to the EPA, most applications for certification process within one month of receipt. 

Hire a Certified Property Management Company

Lead paint is a health hazard to you and your tenants. If you own rental properties built before 1978, your property likely contains some lead-based paint. The EPA says you, the property owner, are responsible for mitigation. 

Why not hire a Lead-Safe Certified property management company to maintain your investments? HomeRiver Chattanooga knows how to keep your tenants safe.

Contact us today and discover what we offer rental property owners.

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